Enlightenment in action: preview


Tesla apparatus 1896 (3d model, partial render)- Teylers Museum, Haarlem, Netherlands
Tesla apparatus, unfinshed state (3d model, partial render) - Ducretet & Lejeune 1896

Just a sneek preview… This image is a test-render of a set of 3D models of early scientific instruments, made to get into gear for a project I’m preparing together with friend and colleague Riemer Knoop and the staff of a prominent museum. The project revolves around the Enlightenment in the Dutch Republic in the 18th century. A slightly difficult but extremely interesting challenge since it combines elements from philosophy, science, architecture, theology, art, social and museological history.

This particular instrument which is used to demonstrate the generation of electromagnetic waves by induction, is using a Leyden jar, a kind of early capacitor. Ever since being a kid I have been fascinated by early scientific instruments because their function is so brilliantly intertwined with the aesthetic appeal of their form.

The model will be finished next weekend – some bits and bobs are still missing and it looks way too clean – and will serve as the basis for some visual explanations which are impossible to achieve with the real object, or the really good existing roundshots of  the objects.


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