Fun with Cintiq 12 wx


sardine tins with fossil, cat, and locomotive
sardine tins with fossil, cat, and locomotive

Well … what a great buy! In the midst of drawing a lot (a little more than 50) of freehand style icons with a worn Wacom tablet till my hand cramped it became obvious that drawing on a tiny area of plastic while staring at a screen was not something one should do for days on end. It was time to take a deep breath and order a Cintiq 12 wx tablet.

A beautiful box arrived and was unpacked immediately. Productivity shot through the roof. As did the fun in doodling, and emptying old boxes with pencil sketches, scanning them and going over them again. Directly on the image, amazing!

It takes a bit of time and attention to calibrate the digital pen. I redo it often because I change the angle of the tablet often, depending on the time of day and the incidence angle of the light.

The tablet is best used together with an 21 inch screen where I keep palettes and other open applications like the Winamp player (always tuned to “Lush: mostly female voices with an electronic influence” from Soma FM.

The Cintiq (people pronounce it as ‘syntique’, stressing the second syllable like ’boutique’) is incredibly precise and causes less stress and eye-sore. It’s especially fun to tinker around with the least pretentious images, like the silly tinned objects in this post. But it suits my 3D app just as well.
Not planning to make a habit of writing product reviews, this could be the exception that confirms the rule.


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