More haikus


bluish moonlit snow
if it was not for the cold
you could read a book


on the precious scroll
a meaningless metaphor
has killed the haiku


patterns of black ink
will paint the lightest of worlds
power of the mind


a bunsen burner
on a summer afternoon
ah! Nostalgia.


heavenly bodies beckon
largely unnoticed


below the surface
of the frog-filled pond in june
a goldfish sneezes


autumn afternoon
teacups crowned with rising steam
better go inside


rays of warm sunlight
green linen fading slowly
a bookstore in june


4 thoughts on “More haikus

  1. How did I miss these first time around?! I love the sneezing goldfish. It’s always fun and often revealing to attribute human characteristics/actions to the animal/insect world.

    These all provoke thought, which is what I love about good haiku.


  2. Wow, I too love the sneezing goldfish. And the steam from the teacups beckoning someone inside. And the bunsen burner. Great images here.

    1. Thanks Melissa πŸ™‚ I’m happy to know that you perceive the haiku’s as images, especially since your own haiku’s are very strong in this respect.

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