Non-destructive visual cannibalism

Not everyone will experience the same excitement, but when my girls discovered an old tractor under a ruined porch in the Italian house we rented for an autumn holiday I grabbed the camera and nearly rolled down the slope to the outbuildings.

The more you get involved in graphic and illustrative work, and the more you use 3D modeling and rendering software, the more you need textures, rust, chipped paint, corroded metal, examples of tubes, bolts, pistons, rods and wires.

An old tractor, abandoned to the elements in an open arcade is like gold-dust in a clear mountain brook. I spent the remaining afternoon exploring the worn and weathered organism until the early dusk set in and the mist rose from the valley. Sheer poetry. Old cars are often cannibalised, and the parts used for the restoration of another. This was purely non-destructive visual cannibalism. After which, the machine was left in peace.


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