First Moonfrog Studio blog banner

The first run of a banner for the Moonfrog Studio blog. I designed the font some time ago because I was unable to find a font which combined the rond endings without a serif, or something similar on the M. Some day I may take it into Fontographer and create a complete font around this, but for now these characters will do. I created a whole array of banners, but it will take me some time to scale them so that they exactly fit into the heading-dimensions allowed by the WordPress-them.

Edit: a new WordPress-theme forced me to some minor tweaks.

I’m still working on the frog that will complete the design. Frogs are elusive little creatures though. I can’t decide which style to apply. Slick, cartoonish, sketchy, black & white, strong colors …. Ahrgh!


First post on the Moonfrog blog

Finally I had a few moments to post a first post on the Moonfrog blog. A short list of projects of the last year.
List of Moonfrog projects. Due to all the work I never had time to design a website. But now things are coming along nicely. Next up will be some title sketches.