First Moonfrog Studio blog banner

The first run of a banner for the Moonfrog Studio blog. I designed the font some time ago because I was unable to find a font which combined the rond endings without a serif, or something similar on the M. Some day I may take it into Fontographer and create a complete font around this, but for now these characters will do. I created a whole array of banners, but it will take me some time to scale them so that they exactly fit into the heading-dimensions allowed by the WordPress-them.

Edit: a new WordPress-theme forced me to some minor tweaks.

I’m still working on the frog that will complete the design. Frogs are elusive little creatures though. I can’t decide which style to apply. Slick, cartoonish, sketchy, black & white, strong colors …. Ahrgh!


5 thoughts on “First Moonfrog Studio blog banner

  1. is this something for children blog? what are those black rays stand for? it seems that the background is in the city? why do i ask a lot of questions?

    my feeling for this header, it appears 50’s to me. but maybe there will be a revival of the symbolism, motiff and color associated with this era.

    i’ll check what kind of writing you are posting on this site.

    when all things i have said, i think there is something in this which i didn’t yet verbalized. i feel something unique is boiling out of this. something which can be originally yours. a trademark.

  2. Looking out of a penthouse skylight, a cityscape in the near distance, a crescent moon (usually whitish in color with yellow being reserved for the full autumnal moon, but maybe . . .) and the frog . . . well: an amphibian (perhaps nocturnal in context with moon); part of a horse’s foot; something to hold a sword; a fastener; a railroad holding device; a part of a violin bow; a device to hold flower stems; in construction, the depression in a brick that takes mortar; a rough voice due to a cold; a leap; and thus what is a moonfrog?

    1. Bill, these words carry so much meaning and implicit criticism that it’s back to the drawing board as soon as possible. This temporary header image has been in place far too long. Thanks for reminding me. The imagery of your comment contains in itself many inspiring elements, I will notify you of any improvements on the basis of your comment 🙂

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