Pledges on Kate Havnevik’s new album release keep coming


Pledges have passed the 200% mark. Good news for the charities that Kate Havnevik has chosen. Getting really curious about the new album.


A Room with a View

A view from the tower of Martini church, Groningen (NL). This tower is a great vantage point. Alas, as soon as we reached the top the weather had turned very grey, dulling the colors, while the direct shadows almost disappeared. This diminishes the miniature effect, which needs strong shadows and saturated colors.

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A fistful of pictures

A small gallery of tilt-shift experiments. Some acceptable, some not quite, but still nice to look at.

Most photographs have been made recently at the Beatrixhaven dock at Eemshaven (NL). The group on horseback was shot from the car while waiting patiently in the traffic-jam leading to the Sankt Gotthardt tunnel in full holiday season 2009.

The train wagons are shot at the station next to the ferry-terminal on the German island of Borkum. The colorful beach-huts are at the NW seafront, opposite the spacious esplanade on Borkum.

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Eemshaven tilt-shift images

A family outing on the occasion of my wife’s birthday, to the nearby German island of Borkum, starting in the northern Dutch port of Eemshaven has given me the opportunity to take a series of pictures of prot activities the should yield nice fake miniature photo’s.

Picture of port activities in the Dutch port of Eemshaven
Port activities in Eemshaven
Fishing trawler moored in the port of Eemshaven (Netherlands)
Fishing trawler moored in the port of Eemshaven (Netherlands)

Comparing these two images, I think that the first one better succeeds in tricking the eye, making you believe it’s a miniature scene. The elements contributing to this succes in comparison with the image of the fishing trawler are a higher vantage point, and a greater variety of colour, including blues and reds, and typography. The trawler picture is calmer, with unsaturated green as its main focus, and it was taken from the quay, as opposed to the first one which I took from the upper deck of the ferry.