Studies for a Bakery Kalendarium

Concept design for the Kalendarium-interface of a project for the National Bakery Museum. The Kalendarium is based upon 3 concentric revolving disks that guide the visitor through the cycle of wheat (and bread), the cycle of the year (including saints and holidays), and the cycle of life.

The concept will be brought to life by VTHP in a web and standalone (touchscreen) environment.

Bakkerij-Kalendarium ontwerp Eelco Bruinsma
bakery 'kalendarium', preliminary design Eelco Bruinsma

eNewspapers for culture, cultural heritage, and design

Since all my time goes into projects for clients at this moment, my websites lead a somewhat cumbersome existence. Working a quick strategic study for a government agency I was sifting through many cultural sources, so I decided to use the excellent service by SmallRivers to create a bundle of eNewspapers. It’s doesn’t quite replace the editorial work needed, but on the other hand it fills a temporary gap, and it is all hand-picked and selected as if it were choice coffee beans or wine-grapes.

The tool is great, twitter feeds and related sources are aggregated on a newspaper page. There is limited customizability, but the ease, and speed of creation largely make up for this. All is thus neatly organised and presented in a very readable format:

#culture Daily
Cultural Heritage Daily
Living Artists, Designers and Galleries Daily

You might also be interested in the #museum Daily created by my colleages from Museummedia and their Museum Media Daily with thanks to them for discovering this very useful resource.