eNewspapers for culture, cultural heritage, and design

Since all my time goes into projects for clients at this moment, my websites lead a somewhat cumbersome existence. Working a quick strategic study for a government agency I was sifting through many cultural sources, so I decided to use the excellent paper.li service by SmallRivers to create a bundle of eNewspapers. It’s doesn’t quite replace the editorial work needed, but on the other hand it fills a temporary gap, and it is all hand-picked and selected as if it were choice coffee beans or wine-grapes.

The tool is great, twitter feeds and related sources are aggregated on a newspaper page. There is limited customizability, but the ease, and speed of creation largely make up for this. All is thus neatly organised and presented in a very readable format:

#culture Daily
Cultural Heritage Daily
Living Artists, Designers and Galleries Daily

You might also be interested in the #museum Daily created by my colleages from Museummedia and their Museum Media Daily with thanks to them for discovering this very useful resource.


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