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I came across the Penguin blog today.¬† Richer than the Frome Hoard, more colorful than a Gino Severini, fuller of content than a Shepherd’s Pie. More orange than the Dutch national football team.


A Failed Competition Entry – Our Inner Modonaut

After having worked within the constraints of several projects it became time to make something dictated by nothing else than a spontaneous flow of ideas and fragments of images. So I set up a scene, eventually to be printed on a large surface. I was triggered by a competition proposal on the Luxology website forums. I was far to slow alas, and didn’t finish the scene in time. ¬†This is a work in progress, as I’m still working on the details.

The idea is to create a very shallow setting (a room) with a guy sitting in a chair just in front of a wall that is covered with a lot of (pseudo) scientific, technical, or steampunk objects. The are also maps and books. The room is sparsely lit and decorated with old fashioned wall paper.

The objects could be interpreted as ideas, or as real things (well, to have a working volcano float in one’s room is not everyone’s hobby), that is up to the beholder.

I created some mood renderings, but haven’t really started the texturing yet. I hope my pc will take the strain, since the scene has passed the million polygons some time ago.

Some images:

initial sketch scanned
initial sketch
Testing the mood and some lighting with stand-in materials
arranging some details with very rough Photoshop brushstrokes
arranging some details with very rough Photoshop brushstrokes
filling the scene with stuff
filling the scene with stuff
the scene with more stuff, or objects in it
the scene with more objects in it, using ambient occlusion for contrast

To fill the scene, I adapted some objects that I created for another project. I am currently working on the man sitting in the room, and a deep-sea diver’s helmet that will be put somewhere in the room, and will be echoed on a picture on the wall. I might have to expand my canvas a bit since it is getting pretty cramped in the room.

EDIT: Here a first impression of the diver’s helmet. The basic structure has been laid down. Now all the bits and bobs and tubes are being added.

divers helmet, unfinished 3d model
first render of the divers helmet, unfinished 3d model

Hang in there … to be continued.