A 10 minutes indoors Penguin, Puffin, and Pelican safari

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I started the day with an amusing game. How many Penguin, Pelican and Puffin books could be found by walking around for 10 minutes and randomly picking books from the bookcases. Most of the literary books are kept in a room that we call the ‘library’, because it contains, well … books, but since it is on the first floor, I didn’t go there.

I photographed the picks, ordering them in random pairs on a black paper near the window.


4 thoughts on “A 10 minutes indoors Penguin, Puffin, and Pelican safari

    1. Hi Hilary, thanks for your positive comment πŸ˜‰ I had some doubts about this post at first, but now I’m glad that you have fished it out of the sea. I like your positive letters blog, it is a real treasure trove with interesting, and original things in it.

  1. dear eelco,
    i want to get my hands on these splendid collection of books. i envy you for having such a great literary taste. very nice idea of showcasing the books.

  2. Hi Marvin, Thanks for the kind comment on this small post.

    It is amazing how many books one picks up over the years. We have spread them mainly over 2 rooms, the study/office, and the ‘library’, where we keep most of the literary books. The library is built as a library, a small room with nothing in it except for a wall-filling bookcase. And of course, it has been annexed by one of my daughters who has made it her room and who has hidden many books behind kids’ stuff. I suspect that I could find more Penguins, Puffins, and Pelicans there, but it would require an expedition to go there πŸ˜‰

    Some of the older Penguins I photographed I found on an antiquarian book sale in a public library, they were scattered among many other books, and I picked them out, going by the color and the design. Some of the had bookplates, or ex-libris, inside them. Then I realized that there was a nice consistency of design that characterized these books. Penguin Books has published some great books and postcards with lots their book-covers. Most of the more tattered paperbacks were bought during our university days.

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