Cartoons in Progress – size matters

Just 2 cartoons for a education oriented project revolving around the world wheat and the bakery, accompanied by the initial sketches.

baker with mixing bowl
baker with mixing bowl, sketch
Baker with mixing bowl, cleaned up illlustration
baker at work
baker at work
Baker at work, final illustration
bakker in werkkleding 2
baker with corrected hat

After inspection by the client the long hat, which suggests a cook, rather than a baker (I must admit that I missed that one), I went into the Illustrator file and adapted the hat. Lowering some control points, tweaking a few Bézier-curves, and there you have it, a hat that floats between a beret and a long cook’s hat.

baker with stick
working baker with corrected hat

2 thoughts on “Cartoons in Progress – size matters

    1. Thank you Marvin! It is always difficult to strike the right note in these things, because it is for a rather diffuse audience. Your comment means that I am on the right track, thanks for taking the trouble to comment on my post.

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