It will be illuminated

Sheepskin soaked in lime
A vile and stinking rag
Covered in slime.

Stretched on a wooden frame
A sharp sickle attacking its undulating surface.

Gradual and patient transformation
As grime slowly gives way
For words, images, and marginal notation.

Malodorous matter evades
With grinding movements
Leaving a white receptacle
For the mind.

While the animal subsides
Room is created
For the imaginary.

The end of a woolly animal
Is the beginning of art.


Artwork in progress


Flashes of light arrive
through the mist of ages.
Slightly colored by interference,
an eerie volumetric haze.

Events, occurring in the distant past.
Declaration of laws, allocation of land,
punishment of crimes, vows of allegiance.

Looking over Þingvellir towards the reddened sun
– that strange nordic semi-permanent late afternoon,
crimson reflections on the lake, distant plumes of steaming vents –
is looking back in time, where history unfolds,
between our eyes and the horizon.

Þingvellir, Iceland
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Interior Dialogue while observing the Hepworth Echo

Through the blog of the talented Hames1977 I discovered the clever poetry challenge at the Bookstains blog (full link below). The author of the blog challenges readers to write a poem or haiku inspired by a charming Barbara Hepworth sculpture.

” It might be mathematical
… Highly unlikely

It could be psychological
… But only slightly

Turned upon itself, like a suicidal wasp
A blind soothsayer, injecting its venom
With the strings of its harp right through its exoskeleton.


The messenger has killed himself.

But then …

It surely must be mythological
… quite rightly.

Certainly not!

Since it clearly derives
From Greek Tragedy
It is tragedy enshrined
In an endless cabinet
Not a chest, but a chestnut,
White on the inside, wooden on the outside,
Like, …

By God almighty!

It’s a coffin!

The organic form,
The Apollinic nut,
The finish, the refinement,
The Sybillic enigmatic sign,

It’s a string-bearer,
A bearer of Truth and Falsity,
A proposition

It’s sheer logic,
… occurring only nightly. “

Quadimoso cartoonized and vectorized

I couldn’t resist taking the old sketch from yesterday’s post, fire up Illustrator and making this black & white vector cartoon.

Quadimoso, sketch by Eelco Bruinsma, pencil on paper
Quadimoso, sketch, pencil on paper
Quadimoso, illustration by Eelco Bruinsma
Quadimoso, elaborated in Illustrator from the sketch
Quadimoso illustration 3, colored
Quadimoso ... colored

Never throw away boxes with old sketches

Quadimoso, sketch by Eelco Bruinsma, pencil on paper
Quadimoso, sketch, pencil on paper

My workplace isn’t short of boxes with scraps and sketches of ideas that never got beyond the daydream stadium. Eventually I managed to rework this idea into a programme poster for a choir.

Most sketches in this book are made years ago during lost moments in a few minutes without any particular purpose in mind.

sketchbook pages
a spread from an A5 sketchbook