Never throw away boxes with old sketches

Quadimoso, sketch by Eelco Bruinsma, pencil on paper
Quadimoso, sketch, pencil on paper

My workplace isn’t short of boxes with scraps and sketches of ideas that never got beyond the daydream stadium. Eventually I managed to rework this idea into a programme poster for a choir.

Most sketches in this book are made years ago during lost moments in a few minutes without any particular purpose in mind.

sketchbook pages
a spread from an A5 sketchbook

3 thoughts on “Never throw away boxes with old sketches

  1. eelco,
    the pencil strokes are visually enigmatic. i can find the architectural technique here, the shadows, the perspective view, the foregrounding and background, evidently under an expert’s hand. such, such intelligent composition of an artwork, well-thought out.

  2. Hi Marvin,

    Once again thanks for your kind and uplifting comment. In fact, the Quadimoso sketch is one of a series I did in an attempt at creating a story board for a short animation, quite some time ago. The project never made it beyond sketches. That was at a time when there was mostly cell-animation, and software was prohibitively expensive and cumbersome. Times have changed. Now I think I will have a go at it with Adobe After Effects.



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