happy colour swatches
a selection of happy colour swatches
thoughtful coulour swatches, made in Adobe Kuler
thoughtful colour swatches, made in Adobe Kuler

When working on illustrations it’s easy to forget to save the colour schemes you invent on the go. That’s how I discovered the real advantage of Adobe’s online tool ‘Kuler’. It’s also great fun to use the colour samplers and try to compose a strip of 5 colour patches, or swatches. The limitation of only 5 colours, and the feeling that there should be some sense to the composition brings it very close to composing a haiku. This form of poetry which only allows for 3 sentences with 5, 7, 5 syllables, used for the description of seasonal observations, needs a disciplined and focussed approach. So does the invention of a strip of 5 colours accompanied by a name that makes some sense.


3 thoughts on “Colour

    1. Hello Marvin, Thanks for your visit and your kind comment. I will return the favor soon and explore the poetic marvels that you have produced recently. Best regards.

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