“Typograaaaa….aah!” by Bruno Bronowski – 1 – Cover

Found this strange and smudged book on the market last september. The toothless bookseller told me that the subject of the book was ‘saving the world by typography’, well … I wonder how that works. The design of the book, and its subject, typography, appealed to the paleographer and book historian in me. Disciplines I thought I had long laid to rest were rekindled in an instant. The text of the book is strange, and at times apparently inconsistent. It seems to meander around the central theme, another book with illustrations, depicting characters in iconographic settings that seem both esoteric, and teleologic (= directed toward a certain goal, or final situation). My research into the author of this book, and the book to which he refers in the text, or the origin of the historiated alphabet, has hitherto been largely unsuccessful. I will post images from the book in a series of post over the next weeks. In this post the cover, and title page.

Cover of the book “Typograaah! …” By Bruno Bronowski.
title page
“Typograaah!” Title page




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