“Typograaaaa….aah!” by Bruno Bronowski – 4 – C (ecclesiastical)

Yesterday I started to post a series of 30 images (including cover, and title page) from a book that I found on an antiquarian book market. The book, by a hitherto unknown author, Dr. Bruno Bronowski, seems to hint at a disaster in the making. The clues are derived from a booklet with illustrations that he in turn found somewhere. I can’t make too much sense of it yet. The Latin alphabet might play a crucial role in all this. Today the page dedicated to the letter C.

'Typograaafia Mundanea' - C
‘Typograaafia Mundanea’ – C

Bronowski obviously asks himself “what has the Roman Catholic Church to do with it?”, and how is it connected to the predictions that the earth as we know it will end in 2012? I have never been a believer in conspiracies, and apocalyptic, or Messianistic prophesies, but it is a curious fact in itself that I unearthed a book from the year before my 19th century house was built. My main concern here is to discover the coherency of the original text, and the way Bronowski interpreted it. The ecclesiastical C seems to point a procession of some sort. I’m not sure how the colored illustrations have been printed on the paper, or how they will have originally looked.


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