Cultured man, sepia on Strathmore toned tan

cultured man by Eelco Bruinsma
Cultured man. Sepia on toned paper. Eelco Bruinsma 2014


Recently I visited the supplier of artists’ material in town and noticed a small sketchbook by the well-known Strathmore brand. It contains toned paper (toned tan, to be precise) but in stead of the expected roughness, it felt remarkably smooth.  I usually work on Bristol board, because I like a clean line, so decided to give it a go. With a bottle of  Rohrer & Klingner sepia drawing ink (‘Zeichentusche’) to complete the purchase I headed home and started a first sketch.

The pen slides over the paper with only the slightest resistance. The pencilled sketch lines erase very well, while the white heightening pencil gets just enough grip to leave a subtle white to set if off enough. Nice! The paper doesn’t wrinkle, even when using gouache. I also tried artists’ markers, and while they bled through a bit, the lines stayed nicely confined to the areas I wanted to tone.

(Edit. I gave the drawing to my neighbour, and friend Willem, who liked the drawing. It’s in good and appreciative hands, and I still have a good digital copy.)

And what a plethora of artists’ materials on the Strathmore website:

Not to forget Rohrer & Klingner:




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