Looking back, the Daily Skull – some highlights

OK, sometimes one is overcome by a somewhat childish impulse to create something without any sense or purpose whatsoever, just for the fun of it. In March, when the year was still relatively young, I decided to start a series of nonsensical photo-cartoons with a skull (that is usually in a small display case from IKEA) saying ‘deep’ philosophical things. The skull has holes for eyes, so I just had to place it somewhere, paint in the eyes, and come up with a ‘deep’ thought.

It didn’t last very long, but it was entertaining. I somehow lost #1, but when I find it, I will add it. It’s quite amazing how much ‘life’ can be put in this plastic object by just painting in a couple of very simple eyes.  Perhaps, one day, inspiration strikes again, and the series will continue.

Daily Skull #??, 14-03-2014 (this may well be the lost #1)
Daily Skull #2, 15-03-2014.
Daily Skull #3, 16-03-2014
Daily Skull #4, 17-03-2014



Jar, bowl and  cup
Jar, bowl, and cup

On a small bookcase next to the desk there is an ever changing landscape of ceramic objects, catching and reflecting the light as the day passes. This photo’s shows the brightly coloured houses on the other side of the street in the late afternoon, the room, facing south, already getting darker, while the opposite side is lit up. It’s a fascinating sight, how the hues develop during the day. Rearranging the objects from time to time has a meditative quality.