Looking back, the Daily Skull – some highlights

OK, sometimes one is overcome by a somewhat childish impulse to create something without any sense or purpose whatsoever, just for the fun of it. In March, when the year was still relatively young, I decided to start a series of nonsensical photo-cartoons with a skull (that is usually in a small display case from IKEA) saying ‘deep’ philosophical things. The skull has holes for eyes, so I just had to place it somewhere, paint in the eyes, and come up with a ‘deep’ thought.

It didn’t last very long, but it was entertaining. I somehow lost #1, but when I find it, I will add it. It’s quite amazing how much ‘life’ can be put in this plastic object by just painting in a couple of very simple eyes.  Perhaps, one day, inspiration strikes again, and the series will continue.

Daily Skull #??, 14-03-2014 (this may well be the lost #1)
Daily Skull #2, 15-03-2014.
Daily Skull #3, 16-03-2014
Daily Skull #4, 17-03-2014


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