A Cultured Man

One of my favorite types of paper for drawing images that transcend the doodle-phase but must remain fresh and quick is Strathmore Toned Tan (See also ‘Another man of culture, with a cup of coffee’, or ‘Cultured man, sepia on Strathmore toned tan’).

The paper takes away the fear of the empty page. Excellent for the type of drawing that close resembles  a kind of ‘écriture automatique’.By just starting with a couple of shapes, and allowing associations to flow freely, you can quickly channel your thoughts, and focus them. Your hand just follows these thoughts and an image is born. With light color washes which can be as elaborate as you want, you can take the toned tan paper to darker hues, or, with covering white, or white pencil to highlights.

Another Cultured Man, Eelco Bruinsma 2014-2015, ink on Strathmore Toned Tan (All rights reserved). Private Collection.

This is a mixed-medium piece. Strathmore paper, pencil, colored pencil (Faber Castell Polychromos), colored marker (Letraset), Rohrer & Klingner sepia ink.


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