Mosque (acrylic on wooden panel)

An oldie. I made this piece in the nineties, but I still remember that I had the CD of the Kronos Quartet ‘Pieces Of Africa’ in my CD player, and I listened the piece with vocals by Hassan Hakmoun over and over. I was ‘in the zone’ (although that expression did not exist at the time) and used a photo that was printed in an old book by Henri de Monfreid as a source of inspiration.

I covered the panel with a number of layers of black paint which I coated with retouching varnish. And then I painted layers of acrylic paint in sections, interwoven with layers of varnish. With the opaque whites a sense of presence is achieved, while the layered ochres have the depth of glazed oil paint. It is one of my first experiments with acrylic paint. I found it quite difficult to adjust to it. Even now I have to go back to oils now and again, which, with COBRA water soluble paint is easier than ever. I don’t miss the smelly terpentine. I do think, however, that the COBRA tubes could be manufactured more carefully. The paint is fine, but the labels on the tubes peel away very quickly, which is unpleasant, cumbersome and gives it a cheap appearance despite its pro-price.

Acrylics are my paint of choice when I have not much time, and have to do a lot of other work in between painting sessions.

‘Mosque’, inspired by a photograph of Henri de Monfreid. Acrylic on wood panel. Mid 1990's. Eelco Bruinsma
‘Mosque’, inspired by a photograph of Henri de Monfreid. Acrylic on wood panel. Mid 1990’s. Eelco Bruinsma

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