Kortarige zeekraal / common glasswort (Salicornia europaea )

Too often I forget that we live only about 5 minutes away from a World Heritage site, the Waddenzee. Summer sunsets are always great. The sun disappears behind the horizon at 335º, which is almost North. The last 40 minutes of daylight throw a glorious and dramatic glow on the salt marsh.

Not only the summers are great, every season and every kind of weather is equally beautiful when you enter this realm of silence. Storm, cold, thick grey winter rains, it makes no difference.

This evening the sun went down in a cloud, with only a subtle glow, no spectacular God-rays or burning orange skies. Still, it was nice.

kortarige zeekraal / common seawort
kortarige zeekraal / common glasswort. © Eelco Bruinsma 2016

When you stoop down, and get yourself a bit muddy, and your knees wet, you enter a world of small, but very tough, and very interesting plants that feel quite happy in this salty environment. The low evening sunlight turns the plants into translucent antediluvian creatures.

Zeekraal / common seawort, © Eelco Bruinsma
Zeekraal / common glasswort (Salicorna europaea). © Eelco Bruinsma 2016

I quite like these charming miniature landscapes. Discretely dramatic, when you take the trouble to look at it.


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