Sympathetic Owlfie for Arquata del Tronto

When I awoke early last morning I received a New York Times breaking news message that central Italy had been hit by a devastating earthquake. The indescribable forces of nature have scarred the beautiful towns and villages in one of the unspoiled regions of Italy, and they have indelibly changed the lives of so many people who have lost their loved ones, their homes, their belongings.
Just two weeks ago we visited the region. Based in an idyllic restored water-mill we admired the beautiful villages, and towns like Ascoli Piceno, Arquata, Aquasanta Terme, and Arquata del Tronto. I marveled at the typical insects that are unique to the Marche region, like the black ‘Copper Damselfly‘. We imagined living there. We visited Arquata on a very quiet morning. The church with its strange cubist crucifix, the charming town square, the small empty backstreets overseeing the wide rolling landscape. We admired the people, friendly, going about their daily business, chatting, idling, visiting the church. It is one of the most charming and welcoming places I know.

While the terrible events in Italy are still evolving we are grieving for the provinces, towns, villages and, especially, people that have been hit by this disaster. My thoughts are with you.

I have a personal habit of not making selfies of places I visit, but in stead, I make ‘owlfies’. Quite aware that an adult with a cuddly toy, taking pictures of it in front of monuments and everyday scenes may rise some eyebrows. But that doesn’t bother me a bit. My owlfies are a record of my business and leisure travels, and they can become slightly surreal. But, at least, they are not gratuitously narcissistic.

One of the most recent owlfies I made was just in front of the small municipal office of Arquata, a few weeks ago, when the town was still unaware of what was coming to it. I normally keep my owflies to myself, or, quite rarely, post them for my close friends on Facebook. But on this occasion, as a tribute to this wonderful town, and the wonderful region, so cruelly hit, I will post it here, not to make fun, but as a personal tribute and as a sign of sympathy and empathy, wishing the people of Arquata and all the other towns affected by the destructive tectonic forces the strength and courage needed to overcome their losses, and rebuild their lives. We were there, and our thoughts are with you.

Tribute to Arquata de tronto and the hit towns, villages, and people
Tribute to Arquata

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