Touch (collage)

touch sensitive - collage
Touch (collage)

Illumination #6. Pumpkinned

Another seasonal Owlfie by Submarin.

Owlfie, the illuminated owl

owlfie_en_006 Owlfie #6 “Pumpkinned”. © Submarin 01-11-2016

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Illumination #5. Halloween

Owlfie, the illuminated owl

owlfie_005 Owlfie’s Halloween. © Submarin 2016

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Late afternoon still-life

Photo of ceramic jar, cup, and bowl on bookcase in studio
Late afternoon in 2013

Illumination #3: “When inspiration strikes”

Foto post.

Bron: Illumination #3: “When inspiration strikes”

Owlfie, Illumination #2 (by Submarin)

“Hmm… I might sit this one out”. © by Submarin 2016

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#1 The first illumination

European Columbine extracted

Quite an enigmatic title. But it refers to the fact that I loaded a photo I posted some months ago into Adobe Color CC, and extracted a nice color theme from it. I let the software run by itself without steering it at all. The result is quite nice.


And for the sake of completeness, the original photograph.


Sea level

Drawing of a ship reflected as a church in the water by Eelco Bruinsma
“Sea level”, pencil on paper. Eelco Bruinsma 2016

Inspired by Italian villages and the sea that surrounded me in August, I spent as much time as I could with my little Hahnemühle travel sketch book and a technical pencil. Re-inventing my impressions.

Addition (19 september 2016)

Just for fun I uploaded this drawing into Adobe Color CC to see which color theme this web application would automatically distill from the limited palette. I called it – quite originally – “Graphite Pencil”. I like it, the software has chosen a balanced distribution of greys.


The nave

Pen drawing of church on ship
“The Nave”, pen & ink on bamboo paper. Eelco Bruinsma 2016